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How do I add funds to my account? What are the payment options available for doing so?

  • Login to your account -> click on add funds ->Select any of the modes available under Online or Offline payment modes
  • For More Details you can visit: Payment Modes

Do I get refund for excess fund?

Yes, you can get refund for excess fund if you think so. Although we always recommend to keep your account funded but in case you may need to withdraw the fund, you can always send a request to for refund and it will be processed within 7 working days.

Do you follow Credit System?

No, we do not follow Credit System as our system is based on Advance Payment methodology wherein you need to make the payment in advance for the services that you wish to subscribe.

What will happen if I place an order with but there exists insufficiency of funds in my account?

The order will be queued up in the system and will be executed as soon as you deposit the required amount of funds to your account.

Do you provide privacy protection?

Yes, we do provide and it is fully free for lifetime.