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How do I add funds to my account? What are the payment options available for doing so?

You can add funds to your account by following few easy steps listed as under:

  • Login to your account
  • Go to “My Billing” section > Click on “Add Fund”
  • Select any of the modes available under Online or Offline payment modes

For More Details you can visit: Payment Modes

Do you follow Credit System?

No, we do not follow Credit System as our system is based on Advance Payment methodology wherein you need to make the payment in advance for the services that you wish to subscribe.

What will happen if I place an order with but there exists insufficiency of funds in my account?

The order will be queued up in the system and will be executed as soon as you deposit the required amount of funds to your account.

What are discounting options available for my customers?

When your Customer/Sub Resellers transact with you, you can set several discounting options which include subsidized pricing on long term orders, discount coupons that are available for customer Webshops, lastly there exists a slab system in the backend which determines your discounted pricing in direct proportion to your total receipts and point earned.

Please note that the slab system works in the back end and you are entitled to earn a certain number of points for almost every subscription that you buy.

How do I create my web service company in a span less than 20 minutes?

Once your Reseller account is active at ConnectReseller, you can create your webshop using ConnectReseller Webshop Manager with no technical headaches. You get everything to set up your online empire from content rich websites to robust platform, from products & services to rational pricing, from easy product management to automized reselling.

Do you provide Domain Privacy Protection?

Yes, We Provide Domain Whois Protection Service through

Do you provide Application Programming Interface?

We are soon to come up with Application Programming Interface. Currently it is in testing phase.

If I want refund of my Initial deposit amount, how it will be processed?

If you have not used any portion of your initial deposit, then you will get full refund, else refund will be given after deducting difference of cost between our Retail Price Listed on // and Reseller Price Given to you for purchased products & services from the remaining balance of the initial deposit. All Initial Deposit Refund will be processed in 7 Business Days after deducting any bank/payment gateway charges.